JDeveloper Speed up Tips

Working on JDeveloper IDE is a nightmare especially when working on Enterprises applications or working on JSPs editing , …

I ‘v searched for tips for speeding it up and prevent it from consuming too much memory and I came out with the list below:

  • Turn off not used extensions, go to menu -> tools -> preferences -> extensions -> uncheck all extensions except “J2EE” (if you work on J2EE only, otherwise leave the technologies you work on).
  • Turn off the automatic file scan that is enabled by default. To do this, go to: Tools | Preferences | Environment and de-select: ‘Automatically Reload Externally Modified Files’ and/or: ‘Verify Project Contents Automatically on Restart’.
  • Configure the JDeveloper Preferences to open files in the Source editor
    by default (Tools | Preferences | File Types, tab Default Editors). The benefit is that you save the time of opening the Design editor if you
    are not going to need it for that particular file.

Or you can switch to Eclipse and install the “Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse” which avails all the oracle technologies in the Eclipse IDE.

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